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you will no longer see exercise as a monotonous chore, its time to enjoy!!

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together we can achieve the best you


with Strive For your personal trainer is always there here to help

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we have all had gym memberships that become a monthly donation to a location we cannot remember the inside of.  Strive For personal training will keep you on track and will get you achieving your goals!!


we will keep you on track and inspired to achieve more

Lock in some YOU time

your personal trainer will arrange dates and times you can commit to, as it is way to easy to procrastinate

Fitness isn’t always about running a marathon or lifting weights – its about improving our daily lives, pushing yourself further today than you did yesterday


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Nutritional Advice

As well as a new fitness regime, you need to be thinking about your nutrition. Exercise and a healthy diet go hand in hand.

Strive For are able to analyse your current daily routines and build lifestyle programmes that are tailor made to encompass all factors of your daily, weekly and monthly wants and needs.








Where do I start? How do I start? Why am I doing this? What benefits do I get? Others do this, should I?

All these questions are answered by your coach’s personalised course, leaving you with the knowledge that you are actively improving yourself, you are doing the right things and are on the right path to surpassing your goals.

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I started training with Jonathan in a bid to begin to get back into shape after a long term illness. What i achieved was so much better, By using various body weight and resistance exercises, my strength and fitness improved so much that I am training for a half marathon and have booked a surfing holiday! With his upbeat attitude and attention to detail, Jonathan knows just how to motivate and push you – even when the workouts are intense. Jonathan is brilliant at getting more out of you, without any shouting – just pure enthusiasm and encouragement.


I first started working out with Jon about two years ago; I was 58 years of age, well overweight, and in physically terrible shape. One day, having thoughts of better fitness on my mind, I found Jon at Strive For and I asked him if he could help me. He bravely took me on, and despite my multiple sclerosis and the other problems I mentioned, he guided me on a program where I gradually, over several months of doing a combination of cardio and strength building exercises, began to lose weight and feel much more fit. Currently, I had achieved sufficient weight loss and fitness to be declared free of the type 2 diabetes.




Under Jon’s guidance I have not only lost over 10kgs, but have completely changed my lifestyle and approach to nutrition and fitness, alterations I would have been unable to accomplish without his support.

I could not recommend him more to anyone looking to improve their motivation and physique. From the first session he provides a professional and dedicated service to assist you in achieving your goals, whilst keeping training extremely enjoyable and effective.

Jon is the best around and I wouldn’t dream of going back to my old lifestyle, I’m a happier, healthier person as a result of his training!


Training with Jon is brilliant. I have many goals to which I’m aspiring to achieve, Jon has tailored every single session to my needs and goals. He is creative and informative with every programme he creates, and has made every effort to bespoke to me.

Jon has helped me tirelessly with nutrition, utilising his knowledge I have been able to make changes to my eating habits to ensure my training efforts are effective.

Jon is a highly motivated, encouraging, enthusiastic individual and all of these qualities shine through when he is training. He has motivated me to ensure I’m always moving closer to my ultimate goals. I can’t imagine I would enjoying training as much without his services.


Train Smarter: Live Better

Using a personal trainer can be one of the best decisions you make in order to better your lifestyle. Whether is in person or online, we have a range of trainers to suit all goals, personalities and time frames. But why pick Strive For:

  • Want change but don't know where to start
  • Intimidated by the challenges ahead
  • Stuck in a rut
  • Lacking drive
  • Not hitting your goal
  • Unsure what fitness regimes would best suit you

Strive For: Train Smarter Live Better

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