Strive For: Train Smarter Live Better

Training smarter, living better is the philosophy we promote.

As well as the obvious benefits such as fat loss, muscle gain and changing the way you look, regular exercise also has a lot health benefits including:

Boosts confidence

as well as confidence in your changing appearance, seeing your fitness levels and strength levels increase is a massive benefit to your self-esteem

Promotes better sleep

in terms of both quantity and quality

Easing the symptoms of certain long-term health conditions

such as rheumatoid arthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)

Increasing energy levels

if you improve muscular strength and muscular endurance you get a more effective cardiovascular system and therefore a more efficient body, leaving you with more energy!

Improving your mood

exercise releases endorphins which are a natural high and therefore great for stress relief and even warding off signs of anxiety and depression.

Lower risk of health conditions and disease

such as coronary heart disease and stroke (up to 35% lower), type 2 diabetes (up to 50% lower) dementia(up to 30% lower) and osteoarthritis (up to 83% lower)

Vipr training